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How do I tell?

17-05-09, 11:05
HI, I've been searching around the forums and I still can't work out if my T4 will be a long nose or short nose?

I want to fit angel eyes LHD lights as I will be mainly using the van in France and will eventually import so will need to change the lights anyway. But as far as I can see these only come in long nose versions?

The model is yr 2000 2.5 102bhp TDI panel van. Is it possible to tell if this is Long nose? Can't work out from all the descriptions if this was just the VR6? :confused: Maybe it will be obvious when I pick it up? :)


17-05-09, 11:15
Here is a thread where a member changes a short nose van into a long nose.
short to long nose (
There you go!T:

17-05-09, 11:28
Does that mean mine will be a short nose then??

17-05-09, 11:42
A picture can be the quickest way to recognise normally.

17-05-09, 12:17
Long nose look meatier :D

17-05-09, 13:30
A picture can be the quickest way to recognise normally.

Yup, so if you can, post a pic of your van!

17-05-09, 13:46
Headlight glass almost rectangular = Short Nose

Headlight glass noticably tapered towards the grill = Long Nose