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Question for the Ex-AA Vans

17-05-09, 13:35
Has anynone Carpeted the back and kept the tool racking? I like the idea of being able to refit the tool cabs but have the rear of the van insulated and carpeted. I know it would make refitting the bulk head a bit tighter but other then that it should be possible?
Its there any company who would fit the carpet for me? I want a all the Yellow covered in the back (as advised from the style council on this board ;) ).

17-05-09, 16:24
Anyone carpeted over the plastic? Would i be better to replace with think board so i can refit my tool cab?

wind welder
17-05-09, 16:36

Just turn the toolboxes and bulkhead round, so that you have a smooth face forward.

you can use the original mountings in the steel above where the rear windows in the side would be.

I had mine set up this way but am just about to fit the styleline panels from my old van.

Cheers Trev.

17-05-09, 17:14
The problem, with that is not all the mounts fit. also I would prefer to keep more space in the middle section of the van.
Just think im going to give it a go and see what happens.