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Roof Bars??

17-05-09, 21:17
liked the bars on a lot of vans today at rest bay and was wondering where to get them?
i saw a while back a thread that someone had got some from a scapy for a fiver.....(sounds good to me!)

want to be able to carry some stuff on top (ladders etc) but dont want a box frame roof rack.....

are they easy to fit and how do they fit???

cheers mb

Simon m
18-05-09, 07:53


18-05-09, 08:01
Vauxhall Omega 20, Measiure carefully, drill 8no. 8mm holes, make plate to reinforce inside, washer, nuts. Slather the whole lot in sikaflex as you assemble !......

19-05-09, 07:27


cheers fella but deep pockets short arms!!I:

20 bucks sound more like it bigcat!:ILU: but whats silaflex???

19-05-09, 07:34
Sikaflex is an automotive sealant / adhesive. Proper sticky, be careful, if it can stick windscreens you can guess how much you dont want to spread it everywhere !
Most motor factors should have it !