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rubber load liner swb t4 genuine vw

19-05-09, 12:53
hi allT:

got a rubber load liner for a swb t4.

came from a 51 plate with 50k on it, only ever carried dogs so very good condition. still nice and black not all manky and covered in cement.

has a couple of extra holes about 3mm in size where dog cages were riveted to the floor.

quite heavy but can post - looking for 25 or 35 deliveredT:

19-05-09, 17:45
Hi mate,
Ill have it off you but cant have it delivered for 2 weeks as im off to Newquay on thursday, ill happily pay for it if you pm me with some details if your ok to hang on to it for me....cheers Lee

19-05-09, 18:25
no problem mate - pm'd T: