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pop top roof

20-05-09, 16:21
hi guy's.I want to get a pop top fitted to my van. based in swansea. Met some of you at the south wales meet on sunday and some of you mentioned some guy in llannelli but no one knew a name or number. any clue's thanks

20-05-09, 21:44
anyone? pop top roof llanelli?

20-05-09, 21:47

20-05-09, 21:58
Ali. if you are thinking of the pop top get over to mad workshops in bristol. Realy worth the drive to get it done there. WHEN (big when) I get mine done it will only be going there to be done.

Arthur is the pop top fella!!!!

20-05-09, 22:02
Heard of people travelling to manchester campervan conversions from all over the country for a pop top! I bought mine from there and fitted it myself the instructions were in german but a millimeter is a millimeter no matter where your fromT:

22-05-09, 18:27
thanks folks I've spoken to MAD in the past they've been really good and the quality of they're work is spot on. Just i can't afford the price. I spoke to Simon from Create-A-Camper (the company in Llanelli) going down next next week to check out his work. So far so good, thanks again A:

22-05-09, 18:41
saw the create a camper pop top at a show in carmarthen. Very impressed with the looks and price

t5 strauss
03-07-09, 20:16
hi i have seen simons work from http://www.create-a-camper.co.uk/ and i was very impressed with his work and hi prices have a look at the web sit or even better go and see him and his work man ship, you wont be disappointed. i will be having some work done with him.T: