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Vinyl flooring?

20-05-09, 18:51
Does anyone know where i can get water/bubble effect vinyl from?
Tried Ebay/wicks/b&q/homebase/focus and google search but no luck:confused:
Guess what style of floorin im puttin in:D(if i could bloody find some)

20-05-09, 19:05
try: Seals + Direct Ltd
32 Marley Avenue, New Milton, Hants. BH25 5LJ
Tel: 0845 226 3345- Fax: 0845 226 3343
Email: [email protected]

used them in the past for top box window seal, they were ace, they have a comprehensive range inc your item.

20-05-09, 19:10
Thanks Isobelle,will doT: