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888 Special ?

20-05-09, 18:55
Hi guys & gals

Just been lookin at a van on fleebay described as a 888 special, what exactly does this mean, ive done a forum search and cant seem to find any info ?.

Thanks for any help T:

20-05-09, 18:59
hello mate, THINK it means it has an 800kg payload and it's 88bhp T:

20-05-09, 19:04
Ah that seems to make sense, cheers for your help. A:

23-05-09, 07:40
what are 800 specials then, sure ive seen 800 specials about as well as 888 specials?

23-05-09, 08:14
its to do with the payload 800kg which i believe was special at the time! I:

Matt T4
23-05-09, 08:31
800 special is the 1.9 version