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Altro Flooring

15-01-08, 16:24


Altro flooring in Black with a little silver glitter effect - Ideal for all you surfers out there!

Supplied new on the roll enough for a L or SWB - this stuff is bullet proof!

Looking for offers over 50 notes.

brian damage
15-01-08, 17:51
Any photo's ma man

brian damage
15-01-08, 17:54
If it's that hard wearing stuff ye get in bus's,i'll defo have it.Cheers colin.

15-01-08, 18:03
Ive had it in my van for 2 years now and it gets well abused, give a claen down and it looks like new!! awesome wont go wrong with it.

brian damage
15-01-08, 18:17
If its the stuff i'm thinking of then,yep top product.
I saw it in a forum member's van (celtic bhoy)converted by Jerba.Little glittery bits in it just like a bus.It was light grey tho

15-01-08, 18:33
Hopefully Vanbling wont mind me using one of his pics, He's got the same stuff.

15-01-08, 22:12
No probs Balloo.

The altro Tony supplied is superb.

16-01-08, 13:50
Yup that's the stuff!

16-01-08, 16:02
They use this in commercial kitchens and 'wet areas'. The glitter is metallic particles which means Stanley blades blunt quickly. Floor layers make joins using a heat gun and plastic filler rod so the one piece approach is the way to go. Because of its weight and plastic nature it will possibly creep a little, so lay it out for a while to settle before fixing. It will also get rid of any curvature from being in a roll.

16-01-08, 16:19
without hijaking this post

i have a rather large roll of it in blue, i didnt think of it for the van

16-01-08, 20:05
Thanks for all the in put lad's.... any takers???:)

brian damage
16-01-08, 20:23
If ye can post it to Scotland.....and it dont cost to much.I'll give ye 55 squid for it:cool:

17-01-08, 16:29
SOLD! Thanks!

brian damage
17-01-08, 20:22
woo ?

brian damage
17-01-08, 20:25
OK.Just sussed out the PM thing.:D

brian damage
24-01-08, 08:34
I take it then it wizny me ye sold it tae............