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2.5tdi auto fuel consumption ?

22-05-09, 20:45
can anybody tell me what sort of mpg i could expect ?

i can get a realy nice velle at a realy nice price but only thing putting me off is its auto and due to the amount of miles i do im a bit worried a bout the fuel consumption. with it being auto


22-05-09, 22:10
we have a 2.5tdi (102)with an auto box. went from swansea to brands hatch and back 450 miles & had another 20-25 of diesel left over (80) to fill tank. the van was full of camping gear. on the motorway we travelled at a very good pace keeping up with big german saloons.
The only time you have to be careful is stop start in urban cycle, its good as long as you don't put your foot down all the time pulling away which is hard with the auto box 0-40 is quick and fun!!! 60 mph comes with no effort it takes time to gather any more speed but once it's got to 70-90 it'll sit there all day
think you should get 28-32mpg. will have my van chipped by AMD technik soon going to about 120bhp but should get better fuel economy. The auto box is fragile so have it checked before buying. We are very happy with the auto and (imo) it suits the van very well.sorry would write more but very very drunk( dam you cheap Argentina wine Hic):D

22-05-09, 22:49
cheers mate its got 140.000 on the clock at the mo with full vw history and i know its not wanted for anything, its almost mint all over think ill ring him tomorow and have a look anyway .
cheers T:

24-05-09, 10:12
When I had mine I was getting 33/34 on a trip at 110km/hr, never checked in stop start driving. You need to check if the trans oil & filter have been changed on a regular basis, & yes they are a bit fragile. It's a bit hit & miss on whether you will have trouble with it. I sold mine at around 117000km & never had a problem.

24-05-09, 11:13
25mpg, not really any urban driving lining in dorset, but if im pottering around the countryside it can drop. Long runs maybe a bit more, but i cant get out of the habit of driving the van like a car, its so comfy and easy to do.
When i am careful i get a bit more, but also get some smoke this way, i think it prefers a heavy foot now and again :D
Sounds rubbish but I only got this from a `1.6 estate i had before so i am quite happy. And its so nice to drive, te auto lets you relax that little bit more and enjoy the scenery.

24-05-09, 15:23
thanks for the replies looks like im going to be buying it on friday T: