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bike rack barn door q

24-05-09, 23:01
Why does the fiamma bike rack for the barn door only carry 2 bikes when the tailgate version carries up to 4?

Is is because of the way it's designed? Surely they should both carry the same load?

25-05-09, 15:27
I looked at a second hand one but it wouldn't fit my van unless i removed a bit of rivited on metal from the bottom of the door...i went for one of these instead and saved 100
Fits in minutes

25-05-09, 21:33
cool. Have you got a pic of it on your van? do you leave it permanently attached?

26-05-09, 14:11
no , i take it have to to open both doors. After the initial set up (the top feet on mine is placed just below the glass of the windows), it really only takes a few minutes to fit it again. It's also very small so i keep it hanging inside the van. Sorry i've not got a picture.