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diesel in france

26-05-09, 07:43
i am off to france on thusrsday via the eurotunnel. Any idea of the diesel price in france as i would wait and fill up again over there if it is cheaper..Tony

Desp Dan
26-05-09, 08:50


26-05-09, 09:57
Hi Yes it is cheaper if you know were to look. go to the big super stores food shops on the out skirts of towns, shopping centres are good, you can pay 1 euro a litre maybe less don't buy on motorway


26-05-09, 10:04
The first fuel station you come to after the Eurotunnel is one of the cheapest (without leaving the Motorway)

I always make sure I fill up there. It's easy to find, just keep an eye out on your left as you are leaving.

26-05-09, 11:04
thanks fellas, cant wait till thursday, off to la tranche sur mer,,weather looking good..Tony