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Newquay Hotels.......

26-05-09, 12:01
Hi all,

Planning a trip don to Newquay for a few day in a couple of weeks (mid june) wth the girlfreind. Although we'll take the van, were not planng on camping.

Can anyone recommend a half decent hotel/B&B pref near the center of Newquay. Gone through all the diffrent websites but would rather go on recommendation.

Thaks in dvance - Andy

26-05-09, 13:48
hi hope this helps its a pub called the griffin tel no 01637874067 the foods great and the beers great, its on the main road going through new quay and there's a good car park and its right opposite witherspoon's pub even cheaper beer , give em a try
regards jarvo T:

26-05-09, 15:29
If you want short distance to town etc, check out The Priory on Mount Wise, The Great Western in town is very good...........

26-05-09, 15:48
Hi, right in the centre is the Milber Guest House, 11 Mitchell Avenue, very friendly, good breakfast, en suite double rooms and they even let us keep our boards in the rooms and offered to dry our suits for us.

01637 872825


28-05-09, 08:07
Cheers for that guys - Got a room at the last one for a few days in June.