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M or N reg Breaker 4 someone?

26-05-09, 21:49
I meet up with another van owner who has a M or N reg full window van he wants shot of, it engine blowup I think thats what he said. Might be able to make alittle money on it by breaking it or sorting out the engine and getting the old girl back on the road.

No seats as I had the rear double, but has a captin drivers.

The guy said I could take it away but I just dont have the space.

Might be good for someone. I:

If your intrested drop me a PM. Dont want any time wasters this might just help you in these hard times.

Not sure if this should be in the sales section....if so please move the post to the correct place.

26-05-09, 21:58
Pm'd youT:

26-05-09, 22:03
Pm sent mate.:ILU:

26-05-09, 22:09
What colour is it?

26-05-09, 22:13
Ouch slow down with the PM's... Your fill my inbox Rasp:

Ok as there seems to be a couple of people intrested I will double check with the guy tomorrow and then repost in this thread I will also see if I can get some pictures for you.

The colour is red, I recall it has a tow bar the window behind the driver is sliding and it has two sunroofs and some mushroom bolts in the floor.

So as I said Standby will update everyone tomorrow.

27-05-09, 21:41
As promised. I managed to get hold of the guy who has this van and he confirmed he wanted it gone. So he never got everyone calling him, I looked over the many PM's I got.

I supplied the phone number to the member who sent the 1st PM in and said they wanted it 1st and now that person is going to collect it tomorrow.

He never wanted to break it himself he wanted the full van to go. So sorry for the people who wanted parts.

Thanks for everyone who showed an intrest in this.