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Body Parts for T4 - Whats available ?

project 2006
29-05-09, 14:45
I need some repairs to my sons T4. anyone know whats available. Specificaly I'm looking for what could be described as out riggers. Running fron the chassis at about 45 deg's out to where the front bumper side mountings, I bet that's as clear as mud.

They would bend in any kind of front corner impact so they should have been available but I bet they are discontinued.

If anyone can recomend a wedsite or supplier I would appreciate the help.
Regards David

29-05-09, 15:04
Readily avaialbe from the stealer T:

What years the T4?

Chris :ILU:

29-05-09, 15:18
May be of help, post 97 T4 though T:

I think its 13 that you mean ;)

Chris :ILU: