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How high is your clutch pedal

30-05-09, 12:12
When I release the clutch pedal sometimes it stops level with the brake pedal, other times it comes up higher until the pedal reaches the bracket holding the switches and feels ratchetty for this last bit of motion. When I press the pedal from this position again it feels ratchetty and then normal.

On closer inspection there is a metal rod which pushes the piston, this goes inside the fitting which attaches to the pedal and its this part of the motion which feels funny and is sticking.

I took a video of it here ( Sorry if the file is a bit big, its straight from my digital camera as I'm having problems encoding video at the mo.

Does anyone know whats going on and if so what I need to replace?

02-06-09, 15:13
I think I probably need a new clutch master cylindere as the rod shouldn't be moving into the attachment at the pedal. I'm going to change the pedal box at the same time. Don't think it will fail its more an annoyance than anything else.

Who is the person who supplys reinforced pedal boxes on exchange?

02-06-09, 15:25 T:

Chris :ILU:

02-06-09, 16:45
just a quick clutch question how do i fill up the master cylinder?