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Crashed Caravelle.

31-05-09, 07:04
Hello everyone,
Well after only two months of ownership, my caravelle is no more. We were involved in a crash yesterday and I think the damage is severe enough for the insurance to write it off. Thankfully my family are all ok which is the most important thing to me.
We were travelling along an A road when the car in front failed to stop at a t junction(he was wanting to turn right off the A road). He collided with a car that was coming from the other way and the impact sent him spinning backwards back into my path. My drivers front side contacted the rear of his car and then proceeded to wipe out the whole of the drivers side of my 'velle from front bumper to rear bumper. The impact hit the drivers side front wheel on my 'velle and also caved in the full length of the sill. The floor is creased and the steering is bent, wheels are also damaged.
As I said, I had only had the car for two months and I and my family were looking forward to a summer of camping trips and days out. We are all so disappointed our summer is ruined but we are so thankfull that we all ok and didn't recieve any injuries. The guy who caused the accident survived and there were no fatalities thankfully.
I paid 4800 for the 'velle plus my old car as part exchange for the 'velle. It was an '02 reg with only 73000 miles on the clock. It was in very good condition and was a heluva good car.
I very much doubt I will find another one in such good condition for the money(assuming the insurance payout what I paid for it).
So thats my story, pi**ed off about the 'velle but gratefull we are all ok.

31-05-09, 07:11
Glad your all fine and well and i'm gutted for you. I have not long had my velle and bought for the same things.....RIP velle but it will understand that you must "fit new"...

31-05-09, 08:04
Sorry to hear your sad news. RIP Velle.

Now, look on the brightside, there was a similar thread the other day, and the short story is, to find all the adds from Traders who are always higher priced than buying private.


I ahve had my T5 Caravelle since December last year, and everyone who has ridden in it say how comfortable and loaded it is for a car.

Dont give up mate.

31-05-09, 08:18
Alan sorry to hear about your 'velle. I've just bought mine about the same time ago for exactly the same reasons, ready for a furure of surf/day trips/holidays with the family. Choked for ya mate. Perhaps the 'velle was a blessing in being so big it saved you and the family.
You will find another I'm sure,

31-05-09, 11:54
Bad news mate, but good news all the family is well....any aches and pains get to the shrinks....hope you find a new van soon and if its holidays that are ruined claim for them as well..why should you suffer..:(

31-05-09, 18:41
Thanks for your kind words guys.
As you say, if we had been in a normal car instead of the 'velle I think we would have been a lot worse off. It was more of a side swipe collision rather than head on but we are all thankfull the van took the crash well.
I think the insurance will probably write it off as uneconomical to repair but I could be wrong. I did drive it VERY slowly to my local garage after the crash and apart from the steering being goosed the engine ran as normal.
I've already started to print off a few adverts from autotrader etc of similar 'velles just incase they throw a ridiculous settlement value at me. I want at the very minimum exactly what I paid for it two months ago OR repair it OR replace it with exact same spec and condition 'velle.
I'm fully comp insurance so I should get a courtesy car but do I have any right to demand a courtesy car that is equivalent to a caravelle?. A Ford Ka is no use to me I need an eight seater that I can use for everything that I needed the caravelle for!!.


team french
31-05-09, 18:47
sorry to hear your news, but thankfully every ones okT:, bright side is you may find a better one if they write it off:D

wind welder
31-05-09, 19:15

Sorry about your woe's.

If it was me I would ask to buy back the crashed van, find a late WV2 van (Ex AA, coca-cola whitbread etc) any van with factory fitted window , and transfer all the internal panels/seats into the new shell.

Jobs a good un! And you can then sell on what's left, engine gearbox good front panels
Which should make up for the lower price you accepted from the insurance company!

Or buy it back and then sell it to me and I'll do exactly the same into my WV2 shelled van.I:I:I:

Cheers Trev.

01-06-09, 01:15
sorry to hear about your crash and if you do buy it back and you wont to sell it drop me an email

01-06-09, 08:14
Thanks guys, still very early days yet so I've no idea wether it will be repaired or written off. It hasn't even been inspected yet.
Been informed that I can only have the courtesy car that they provide,so it's a Ka or a Micra probably:(.

I'll let you know how things progress.


01-06-09, 09:13
if it was the 3rd parties fault then your ins company will claim the cost of hiring an equivalent car against the 3rd party .

stand your ground

03-06-09, 15:05
Well, they've written it off!!!!.
Now the fighting begins.............:(

03-06-09, 15:16
Im sorry to hear of your crash.

Im glad you are all OK!

Good luck with the fight

We're with you :grphg

03-06-09, 16:55
Im sorry to hear of your crash.

Im glad you are all OK!

Good luck with the fight

We're with you :grphg

Thanks for that, much appreciated. It's good to know I've got some supportT:.