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Retro fit rear seat belts

01-06-09, 10:42
Hey Guys,

I want to fit rear seat belts to my caravelle (2002)
I took it the VW and they couldn't recommend anything as the rear seats are not standard VW seats, and are much wider than normal.....they are custom seats which fold out into beds.

I want to fit 3 point belts so I can fit a baby seat.
I can feel the mounting point on the pillar, but I'm not sure where to fit the retractor.

Ive included a couple of pictures and wondered if you had any suggestions.[email protected]/3584417563/[email protected]/3585225142/

EMC who did th conversion are no longer trading....which is a pain in the ass:(


01-06-09, 11:35
The thing I'd be concerned over is how that seat is fixed to the floor? It just looks like a folding cushion fitted to a wooden box from the pics??

If it's properly mounted to the subframe, then there's a chance to could fit a standard fit inertia belt in it's standard position - ie with the retractor bit mounted in the space in the pillar just above floor level (same height as the front ones) and the top mounting in the pillar at just above shoulder level - although this will depend ENTIRELY on whether the side has been bonded, a la ex AA vans and other window vans....

I'm sure someone can give you a better description of that ............ :)

01-06-09, 14:15
The seats are mounted to s steel frame - the wooden box is just for apperances