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Changing to clear indicators

01-06-09, 14:59
Hi guys
Have just got my van and gradually working through the list of bits i want to do to it.

How do you take the indicators off?
I went to put the clear lenses on for the indicators I couldn't work out how to take the old units out and there isn't much room to get my hand in behind them. I undid the top bolts which hold the headlight in place and got a bit of movement but are there any others I need to undo?
Any help much appreciated


Simon m
01-06-09, 15:07
Umm Fronts?.

Just look down from the top with the bonnet open & there's a stepped tab that you prize to one side gentey & the indicators slide out forward?.

No bolts to undo at all????.

Twist lamp holder off it bayonnet replace lamp with orange one, refit & slide the indicator home down its channels & the springy tab holds it in place?.

01-06-09, 15:12
Cheers thanks for that I did wonder if it was a clip or spring loaded or something, it wasn't filling me with confidence for changing the clutch during the week.