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02-06-09, 07:40
I've got an NOS Britax 505 sunroof & don't have the 8alls to fit it myself.

Can anyone recommend a pro fitter in London or the surrounding county's?

Was also thinking about fitting it the wrong way round so the flow of air would come in to the back of my panel van & wondered if anyone else has done this & if there's any pitfalls I should consider?

Was thinking along the lines of split window front pop outs..:ILU:

Simon m
02-06-09, 07:59
I wouldn't fit it backwards for fear it would tear off above 40mph

02-06-09, 08:11
Can you reach speeds above 20mph in that London? I:

03-06-09, 07:29
Can you reach speeds above 20mph in that London? I:

That's exactly why I thought driving around town at around 20 it would be ok fitted the other way round:D

Fitter Recommendations anyone?

03-06-09, 21:59
Anyone out there?
Any ideas??

03-06-09, 23:01
really easy to fit sunroof.. Just get a decent jigsaw and make sure your template is spot on. Sikaflex the ring in.. Really not hard. Just get over the mental thing of cuttin a large hole in your roof