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03-06-09, 16:45
found a mk4 golf splitter outside my house last week

been sat on the side of the road for ages no one has claimed it back

my bumper is smashed waiting for a new one. (collecting at volksfest sat)

so thought i would go and screw it to my bumper which is due to go in bin anyway and see what it looks like.

didnt fit right way up so screwed it on upside down.

looks quite cool sticking out on the front bnut ddoesnt fit right at wheel arch im afraid

going to take it off

wont be staying just thought i would show you some pics of what it looked like.

its a bit short if only it was a couple of inches longer back towards the wheel arches it would of looked pretty mean

but the distance from the wheel arch to splitter is a bit too much i think.

someone might like it though so here is pics




03-06-09, 16:49
mmmmmmmm good game good game , nice to see you to see you nice................

03-06-09, 18:17
Snow in June?????