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03-06-09, 18:23
Hey all, sorry for the OT post, I started a thread some time back but can't find it so this is a new one.
I started building a wooden surfboard a few months back, the design of which was initially inspired by one of Totally T4's vans owned by Matt88. Anyhow, the board is all but done and as a few folk here had asked me to keep posting the pics of the progress, well here it is. The only thing left to do is to sand and sand and sand and sand and oh, thats enough sanding I'll do some polishing.

Thanks for looking, and again apologies for it having not much to do with T4s. I'm down N. Devon in a couple of weeks for a test at Saunton, hopefully there'll be some swell, if you see me out, gis a shout. (red T4, RS4s, side pipes and black salamandas on the sides)

03-06-09, 18:26
Looks awesome mate, fit in the van alrite???I:
has it been built from plans or from scratch?

03-06-09, 18:34
Now you have finished yours you can get on with building mine T: and pm me when your down would love to see the board. T:

03-06-09, 18:39
Not a surfer meself :( but totally admire the work you have put into that and the skills you have T: Looks fantastic :cool:

Chris :ILU:

03-06-09, 18:47
that looks superb mate, the finish looks totally professional. how long did it take you to make it. how heavy is the board. would like to know how it surfs once youve tested it out

04-06-09, 06:44
Hi all, and thanks for the kind words. To answer questions..
The board is designed and built from scratch, the method I used is a combination of a traditional (Tom Blake or Paul Jensen) hollow and a chambered style. It's made from mainly western red cedar and pine, with the checker pattern made of European cherry and white pine, the nose and tail blocks are birch, oak, wrc, and mahogany. The fin box is home made out of oak and mahogany.
Mikey, yours is on the table next (once I finish all the jobs the missus has lined up for me now, see about 10 years). I'll pm you next time I'm coming down, I think I'll manage a few days during the week begining 23rd June with a bit of luck.
Benvirgo No unfortunately I don't think it will fit in the van unless I put the missus and kid on the roof rack...Ah, problem solved I:
Pwoiks In total it took about 6 months, but some of that was waiting for the weather to be good enough to glass, probably 5 months total with about 3-6 hours a week. I haven't weighed the board yet, we don't have scales in our house, at a rough estimate I'd say it's round about very FKN heavy! :eek:
Conspiracy What do you mean, you're not a surfer? You live in Cornwall, everyone in Cornwall surfs,. I know; I went to Fistral last year and the entire population of Cornwall was in the water.
I'll post a test report when I can find someone who can actually surf properly to test it. Any offers?

Thanks again for the thumbs up crew.

04-06-09, 07:26
Well done, looks greatA:

04-06-09, 07:27
Just a thought, would you like me to put it through its paces? I would be more than happy:ILU:

04-06-09, 07:30
That is truly fantastic A:T:.

The whole job looks superb, I love those nose blocks.

04-06-09, 15:51
absolutely fantastic,

its a masterpiece buddy well done, i don't surf but i'll be next in the q for one just to hang on the wall in the lounge

Top job mate


04-06-09, 15:57
just showd my colleagues

everyone's dead impressed!

Fair play T:

04-06-09, 17:40
I'll post a test report when I can find someone who can actually surf properly to test it. Any offers?

Thanks again for the thumbs up crew.

You got my number meet you down at saunton. T:

04-06-09, 18:06
Looks awesome Jase youve done a great job with it!! Send me a pm when your coming down to Saunton and I'll come and check it out and get a pic of it next to the van T:

Matt :ILU:

05-06-09, 11:03
Cor blimey lads, I'm overwhelmed.
Mikey and Matt I'll PM you both if I actually make it down, I usually surf Saunton first thing in morning when I'm there. Being as rubbish as I am I need to avoid crowds. If there's any waves a session would be good. You can both give me some pointers on this surfin thing, my best manouver is still falling off.
Big thanks to everyone for the good vibes and positive comments.

05-06-09, 22:25
i would love to throw that into a waist high at Saunton:ILU:

05-06-09, 22:34
i mentioned before in the original thread that i make guitars,i like to think i churn out a quality bit of kit ,but Sir i have been undone, absolutly Fing lovely,top marks,bang on and all thatA:A:A:A:

Steve W
06-06-09, 05:58
Hi Wavestarved, Stunning is all i have to add, just stunning.

Steve W....

06-06-09, 08:53
what are its specs? Rocker, base etc?

I'd love to know :)

Ive been toying with the idea of getting a foam blank from homeblown ( and having a go (dont know anything about glassing mind, but theres only one way to learn! :) )

06-06-09, 11:02
the dims are as follows: Rocker; nose 4 1/2" tail 2 1/4" I wanted it nice and low so that it should paddle easy, besides it rarely gets that big where I surf so this should suit (and when it does get big I get scared)
Nose 12" off is 19" tail 12" off is 16 1/4" It's 8ft over all and 21 1/2" mid point.

Homeblown are a great company to deal with and really friendly, not used their blanks but I like their attitude to being a bit more eviro responsible, however if this is what concerns you, you should try wood as there's no foam at the minute that is that kind to the environment. EPS is apparently a bit better than PU, but wood is best.
If you're not that concerned then you might want to try out Seabase as they have a much bigger range of close tollerance blanks.
As far as glassing there are some superb youtube clips on glassing: epoxy 101 with Greg Loehr is a good one, In loving memory of Bambam808 is my fave though that guy is unreal. Also if you are going to do this you MUST check out
Do it!!!T:

06-06-09, 11:05
Thanks again everyone, really I am overwhelmed.
Boardman, is there any hope of you posting some pics of some of your guitar work? My son is guitar nuts, and would love to see some of your work, as would I. T: