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lowering t4 front?????

03-06-09, 19:24
hi i think im right in saying that new springs and shocks will drop the back of my bus but please someone give me help with the front????????:confused::confused:

03-06-09, 19:38
Welcome to the Forum.T: There is a whole section on suspensions that covers all you need to know, but you will have to upgrade to a Registered member to be able to see it.

03-06-09, 19:58
cheers mateT:

03-06-09, 20:01
Bugger it, out on a limb here...Piece of cake, no expense but deffo use axle stands or you may well end up with a van on your head.
There are torsion bars on a T4 which can be adjusted via a 27mm nut on a long threaded bar thing hanging down under the van about a foot behind the front wheel arch and about a foot inwards from the side. Get the van on stands then wind the nut down by equal amounts for either side. Put it back on the floor (an even one) then measure from the tyre to the wheel arch, adjust as necessary to get them even.
Top tip: Give the threaded bars and nuts a good old soaking with WD40 then walk away for an hour or two.
Top tip 2: Don't bother trying to find a 27mm socket in your halfords socket set, they're not quite deep enough. Use a RING spanner. :ILU:

03-06-09, 20:03
Another tip: If your shocks are OK you only need to buy new springs, it'll go plenty low with just lower springs mate.
Good luck and enjoy. :ILU:

03-06-09, 20:04
That'll be half of what you saved you owe me, the bill's in the post dude. :ILU: Rasp:

Lawn Boy
03-06-09, 20:32
AXLE STANDS AXLE STANDS AXLE STANDS,Did I say axle stands? don't try and do it without putting yer van up on them first.Its a easy job to do really,one tip though,spray WD40 on those threads first,do it for two or three times for a couple of days prior to doing the job,makes life a lot easier,take the measurement from the centre of the wheel rather than from the top of the tyre to the arch.Just replacing the rear springs to lower the back is fine ,but if you want to go the whole hog I recommend the KW kit been running it for two years now,no issues when loaded up or just normal driving.Hope this helps

03-06-09, 20:32
cheers pal im going out to garage now!!!A:A:A:

03-06-09, 20:56
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03-06-09, 21:02
just give them a good soaking of wd40 or similar

oh and did anyone say axle stands LOL:

03-06-09, 21:11
Wire brush and WD40 the thread.. and maybe think about using some axel stands

03-06-09, 21:17
the haynes manual said:
disconnect earth lead from battery
raise vehicle and support with axle.lol.H: