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wheels for sale

20-10-07, 18:39
I have 4 RS4 new type wheels and tyres for sale.they are fitted with 225,40,r18 tyres.one of the wheels is cracked but can be repaired.the other three have some curb damage.the tyres are 2xkumho 92y xtra load with 5mm of tread left.the other two are falken 88y with 2 mm tread left.they come with
bolts,locking wheel nuts and centre vw caps.i want 150 for them.
as i have not cracked the photobucket setup yet i will e-mail photos to anyone interested.


25-10-07, 21:37
hi email pics to [email protected] thanks si

09-11-07, 22:14
The wheels have now been sold.