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06-06-09, 07:04
Hi y'all,

Ive just picked up a bit of a scratty old builders van that needs a darn good clean, but am struggling to get the ingrained dirt out of the textured plastics on the doorcards and dash, ive tried scrubbing with detergent & water, jif foam, white spirit, all improve it slightly but get it no where near clean. Any top tips or are there some purpose made products out there !... cheers for any help. T:

team french
06-06-09, 07:21
we have a cnc service engineer that services our machines at work, he swears by flash for cleaning the machines, think its more a comercial type he has but its the kitchen/bathroom cleaner non the less. does work on the oil and grease wellT:

06-06-09, 11:49
The best thing for getting the dash and door cards looking good that I found was a couple of tins of plastic primer and a couple of tins of matt black paint, you do still have to give it all a good clean first though. I used detergent then meths for the pre-paint cleaning. The paint's still hanging on after 2 1/2 years. T:
Oh and BTW mine was a plumber's van and was seriously grubby when I got it.

06-06-09, 13:43
i work as a valeter and we use TFR on all plastics to get them clean, it really is good stuff

06-06-09, 14:31
Not really sure but dont use back to black on side steps- gets well slippy:eek:

06-06-09, 15:26
mr muscle lightly sprayed on the surfaces is good for headlinings and can get loads of stuff clean..

06-06-09, 16:09
you need an item like All Purpose Total Cleaner from CG, or some other kind of APC, like Tescos own brand Daisy APC, its works will neat or diluted down, But as for the TFR comment from a valeter? i would steer away from that advise, TFR on external plastic ok but internal no way. i think its just a good amount of elbow grease u need.

hope it helps...:)

06-06-09, 17:15
i took the dash, floor rubber mat and all interior plastics out of my van soaked them in TFR scrubbed them and got the steam cleaner on them. afterwards i used one of the valaters interior cleaners and rubbed it down came up superb.
the only thing you've got to watch with TFR it will remove markings on switch's and dial's and if your not careful it will stain.

06-06-09, 19:54
if you are thinking along the line of using TFR on the interior please make sure its watered down, the hole point of TFR is to remove all traces of previous wax etc, but it may also remove dye from out the leather and the stitching . i would still stick with an APC

06-06-09, 20:23
I've used cream cleaner (cif) make sure you wear gloves coz it dries your skin, cleans the dirt off nicely, then wipe with a damp cloth rinsing regurlarly and to finish off a quick wipe with a interior plastics cleaner from your local car accessary store should do the trick.

Gwyn Jones
06-06-09, 20:32
When I was a valeter, we used raw soap then blasted it off with a power washer. Don't do the dash with it though!

I once saw a guy steam clean the interior of a trade-in, the place it went was the scrappyLOL:

Sharon, thinks that a steamer (one of those things off QVC that all the grannies buy to clean the oven) would work wonders and not do any damage. But, you don't get to play with the powerwash:(

06-06-09, 21:30
I've used cream cleaner (cif) make sure you wear gloves coz it dries your skin.

panzy, try getting acetone burns on both hands, gloves for cream cleaner LOL:

06-06-09, 21:56
i work as a valeter and we use TFR on all plastics to get them clean, it really is good stuff

Yeah,spot on. T: Used to be a valeter my self,for ten years:eek:Always found TFR(traffic film remover) was the best. Open window,spray door card with TFR,sponge in and blast with water or just wipe down with wet leatherT:

07-06-09, 18:54
mine had been used by an engineer, so it was really grubby and had that oily smell about it.
used autoglym products and now its shiny and smells good to. now to ditch the filthy seats for some mitsubishi ones

07-06-09, 20:23
Cheers for all the info, just spent the full weekend scrubbin !......its looking better but still not quite there, a lot of you guys mention TFR can you tell me where i can get this from ? and should i get any particular make

Thanks again A: