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340 Bhp?

07-06-09, 08:56

Reading between the lines, it sounds to me as though VAG have resurrected the 2.5 petrol engine I have in my van and bolted on a turbo.
Does anyone know anything about the history of these engines? Is it a direct development of the old Quattro engine?

Mine will be going LPG in the near future, I can live with just 110bhp but a little more economy would be nice.

07-06-09, 11:34
I caught an old re-run of 5th gear the other day reviewing the Caravelle when it was first released. They said that the 2.5 petrol was a detuned version of the engine from the Audi Quattro, so it looks like that is what we might have here T: T: Now, the idea of a turbo, oh yes, that would be nice, then of course it would be just the job of finding an autobox that could handle it!!! LOL:

07-06-09, 11:53
The latest 2.5 turbo VAG petrol engine is not a ressurection of the old engine from the coupe quattro days.
It is a completely new design based on the four cylinder TFSI engine (found mostly in the MK5 GTI)only with the extra cylinder and 500cc more.It boasts direct fuel injection 4 valves per cylinder and VNT turbo.
This motor has been available in the USA for a couple of years now but the only car so far in the UK to have it is the RS TT

07-06-09, 13:57
Ah ok, that would make more sense I suppose.