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Is my T4 a rare model?

08-06-09, 19:45
Hello all sort of new here been a member for a couple of years but never really posted.

I have a 1998 1.9td transporter 9 seater mini bus with twin side loading doors and up an over rear door.

I havent seen another like iti purchaced it about 2 years ago after owning a t4 transporter van and need somthing for the family.

It has nine seats and nice vw rubber matting throughout. it all seems to be vw factory fitted.

I would really like to know if it a rare/unusual model?


09-06-09, 11:11
My son, Jakbskate on here, has an ex minibus with twin sliders. His is a LWB with a 2.4 engine though. I wouldn't imagine there are many 1.9 bus's about. LWB or SWB?

09-06-09, 12:36
Ditto. we have a 2.4 l engine LWB Minibus Transporter Caravelle with twin sliders and up and over read door. Cheers, Tony.

09-06-09, 15:33
Mine isnt badged as a caravelle just transporter. Is a transporter with twin loading doors more valuable?

09-06-09, 15:53
Hmm, was wondering this about mine. I've got twin sliders and a tailgate but mines a transporter van not minibus:confused: 102 (well 154 ;)actually) 2.5tdi by the way

09-06-09, 19:26
mines a 95 swb twin slider tailgated 2.4 there's plenty around..

10-06-09, 08:24
i have 1.9td bus like yours 8 seats all in matching inca is called a window bus it is 1999 model there are not many of these around.