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Buying my first T4...

09-06-09, 17:14
:( Still looking for my first T4 and went to look at one that has been on the forcourt of the local van dealers for the last 6 months (NOT exactly what i'm looking for but close enough)

I now KNOW why it's still on the forcourt :eek:

Too expensive, Partial (NO) history, 5 brands of tyres, some perished, No airbox and the final straw that broke the camels back, cracked clutch bracket. (found thanks to the Forum)

Now the nice chap I talked to said he was no mechanic and 'said' the mechanic would look at it, but as a dealer of volkswagens would they not know to check for this anyway? Is it a safety issue?

This isn't a name and shame as they have done nothing wrong, (and against Forum rules) And the nice man took my details and is on the lookout for a van for me, IF anyone is looking local to me for a van and want to know the van i looked at, PM me :D

Also if anyone has an unmolested, full service history, Glazed barn door, 2.5 Tdi (102) manual gearbox in tidy condition and cheap, then wake me up and sell it to me! ;)