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What's it worth???

Gwyn Jones
10-06-09, 18:36
We bought our camper a few months back & fancy one that's a little bigger, maybe a LTI:

If I go ahead and buy a MWB LT with a fixed double bed, I'll need to sell the T4.

What do think a team yellow '95 [N] panel with weekend rock'n'roll, fully carpeted panels, sub/amp/changer with upgraded speakers, glazed rear doors, plenty of storage, 156k 2.4 with a few bills, 18" RS8's about 3 months tax and a full ticket be worth?

Also comes with a nearly new external silver screen (they really do eliminate condensation!!!)



P.S. If I buy a LT will you out me as a traitor???

11-06-09, 06:23
just sold a 97 1.9td fully kitted camper, lowered on RS8 alloys, bike rack, silver screens 76K on the clock, T and T for 4500

hope this'll give you a rough idea what a 2.4 will be worth..T:

Gwyn Jones
16-06-09, 17:33
Nice one, I was gonna put the ticket on it and stick it up around 2500?