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Cutting out

12-06-09, 07:41
I'm having problems with the gas rings in the camper.
They spark up, but then the ring cuts out and kills the flame.

Is there a special technique or something?:confused:

It took me 20 minutes to fry some bacon yesterday morning.
Had to re-spark the ring 5 times and then had to resort to holding the button pressed can't continue!LOL:

12-06-09, 07:46
Have a look in your pipes that feeds the gas to the rings. Sounds like that there is not enough pressure/flow.

While on this subject......somethig I learnt the other day...that the gas pipe which is connected to the regulator has to be changed yearly. They will have dates on them.

12-06-09, 08:07
Check your O rings as well. There'll be one in the regulator, mine perished afrter not using the gas for a while.