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camping shops

offroad boy
13-06-09, 18:54
HI all please could any one tell if if they know of any camping stores in the south wales area need to get some bits and pieces for our next trip we v only got a cotswold near us and there very exspensive

Veidda vans
13-06-09, 20:25
Offroad Boy,

I was in a camping shop in Swansea the other day with my brother in law, to buy two 3 way fridges (1 each) and a Fiamma awning for his caravan.
We were about to spend over 1000 all in when a rather unfortunate incident occured.
A lady was in the shop with her young son, I'd say about six or seven years old.
She dropped something off one of the shelves ( I think it was a new grill pan for a camping stove).
What happened next was quite staggering.
The shop assistants started to abuse the woman saying that she had to pay for the items.
Fair enough it may seem, but when the attitudes of the staff got quite intimidating for her she plonked the item on the counter to pay for it.

The staff threatened her with violence and dragged her out of the shop!

Meanwhile her son was becoming increasingly upset.

Needless to say we left the shop without making any purchases!
If thats the attitude if you drop something by accident, whats it going to be like if you have to take faulty goods back:eek:

In short don't go to a camping shop with the first three letters of the alphabet as its name!

Try Bridgend Camping instead, top bloke!

13-06-09, 21:05
that shop is called ABC camping over the years we've spent a lot there, we were just about to spend another 500 (the day before we'd spent 400 and the year before we'd spent over 1000) in there when my youngest daughter needed the toilet (3yrs old) the abuse we got when we asked if she could use the toilet made us leave our goods there and walk out of the shop! I have been told that the police have had to be called there many times due to the owners using abusive behaviour towards customers. Bare in mind we live three miles away from this shop we will NEVER shop in there again, a good shop in South Wales is OBI in Cowbridge, its run by a husband and wife team who can't do enough to help you and the prices are very competative.

Dear Mr Administrator, I will stand by comments about ABC camping, my name is Alister McCormick, 29 Lone Road, Clydach, Swansea, if they have any problems they can contact me personally about my comments on this forum!

13-06-09, 21:19
we feel very lucky as we had purchased a 3way fridge they had taken the money while no stock to be seen.we had to make several phone calls and lots of worry.but by the sounds of it we got off lightly.Alister good on you for speaking out i know we have rules but we are here to look out for each other to. all the best michelle

13-06-09, 22:42
Go into cotswold, tell them you are part of ten tors with your local school (just setting it up for next year) and can you have a discount - they will give you 20%!
Good service and staff in cotswold in bournemouth, bit far for you though.
There are plenty of good online camping shops, but the prices are generally the same as high street. Bits like mugs etc are great off ebay and you can get top quality titanium for same price as those crappy tall plastic mugs for the car!