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do you own my old van?

Projekt Zwo
14-06-09, 09:39
hi everyone again im still trying to locate the new owner of my old van ,if anyone knows the owner could you please pm me its a m reg

Projekt Zwo
16-06-09, 12:21
some one on here bought her about march time

Projekt Zwo
19-06-09, 14:33
could any admin guys help here?

19-06-09, 14:45
do you know what area the person came from that you sold it to ?? i saw one like that the other week in salisbury ?!?!

Jim Doodle
20-06-09, 00:36

why did you you sell it!!!

20-06-09, 00:39
What a fantastic looking van, bit late for a change of heart though now.

20-06-09, 01:40
i was going to say i think i have seen this van around my area and turns out yes it is the same van, very nice looking too

Projekt Zwo
20-06-09, 10:18
yeah its a great van ,drinks alot though but want to get her back as gone off t25s im hoping i can sort something out with the new owner for the future
any body know them?could you pass the message on for me?

Projekt Zwo
23-06-09, 12:37
ttt now weve found location whos the owner?