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if somebody did that to your van!!!!

nick bailey murfin
15-06-09, 08:02
Hi was cycling over in Afan at the weekend and this green totallyt4 was in the car park had a look and it was mint color coded wheels buckets tints it looked great.BUT this guys kids crashed into a two year old Porsche with there bikes denting and scraping the wing and to be fair to the car owner he said accidents happen .BUT the guy with the mint t4 grabbed said kids and chucked them into has van and FXXXD off sharpish without even telling car park attendants he just run off.
There is karma out there and it does come around if someone had done that to your lovely looking van you would have hung them.If that person is on this forum then shame on you ,the guys in the car park there did a fair job in getting the details as your van really stands out. :(

Simon m
15-06-09, 08:14
Walking away is cowardly, thats why we have insurances after all.

I have huge rows in carparks with people who were about to walk away from damage to vehicles.

I won't repeat what I said to the women who opened her door into my T4 the day I got it....after she said "you shouldn't park so close" (about three foot gap)