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Help dont know what rock and roll bed to get.

15-06-09, 21:04
I have boxed in my archs there about 14inchs high and want to get a rock and roll bed. does anyone know a company that makes one that will fit over this i really dont wana take the box off from such good carpeting from totallyt4.

hope someone can help


15-06-09, 21:38
Well, there have been LOADS of threads about RnR beds.
I would recommend the company who supplied (& fitted) my bed, but it has been a very contentious subject in the past. Safety issues being the main reason for this.
It would be better if you did a search for this & make your own mind up.
Sorry I could not be more help.:dunno:

15-06-09, 21:57
Is this a double post- thought i replied to it- plenty of beds will fit. Mines cannon forge and i like it- others are availiable and after market seats maybe/ may not be as safe as factory fitted- see safety thread. Good luck with whatever you buyT: