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Insurance - to claim or not to claim

16-06-09, 14:36
Some ers tried to steal my van last week. Luckily the trusty old crook lock foiled 'em.
But as usual there was damage and I'm unsure how much it'll cost to fix/is it worth claiming for?

Would any of you good folk have a rough idea how much it'd cost to fix...

Drivers door - they stuck a screwdriver in along side the door handle to get at the lock. Would a bit of filler be enough here?

Van steering lock - metal sheared off. Should I bother replacing it?

Steering wheel - a bent bent now although doesn't bother me.... replace?

Ignition key barrel - vanish although the ignition switch is still there and works fine. Any idea how to get a new barrel made that will take my existing keys?

Wiper switch - got damaged, now washers don't work.

Plastic surrounds for dash/steering wheel - damaged.

Like I said, I've no idea how much this lot might come to so don't know if it's worth claiming for. Am insured with HIC. Can you get them to get their approved garages to quote for work before committing to the claim?

Any advice greatly received.


16-06-09, 14:51
Well if I was you I would spend the tenner and become a member all the parts you require should be easy to find replacements for in the forums and they dont seem parts which will be expensive. I am also sure one of the guys who breaks vans will have all the parts and beable to sort you out with a good deal.

So 1st thing 1st spend your tenner then post in the wanted section or ask one of the guys who are breaking a van at the move for a deal.

16-06-09, 14:52
how much is your excess? i wouldnt bother myself, you could pick up all those bits easily enough to do it yourself the cost of those bits new will be a small fortuneand will surely whack up your premium next year!

where abouts are you? im sure if your near any members in the know they'd help you out if you were stuck - that includes meT:

16-06-09, 16:25
Thanks for your replies - the forum spares route sounds like a good plan.

Still wondering about how to get a new ignition key sorted and whether or not to get the door repaired/filled.

What do people reckon?

16-06-09, 16:41
there is someone on here that can retumble an ignition barrel to match you keyT:

16-06-09, 16:54
Hmmmm the ignition barrel was swiped! Any ideas where I could get a new one and then get it retumbled?

16-06-09, 17:00
you will be able to use a second hand one i thinkT:

17-06-09, 21:30
You want to get your door welded really as if you just fill it, as it is near the handle then the filler will crack from the stress of constant door opening.