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door handle swapping!

19-06-09, 10:57
hi all,
does anyone know if the door handle from the front drivers door can be swapped for the rear one on the barn doors,
my van was screwdrivered in the drivers lock so id like to swap it and put a reverse camera in the hole
any help would be great

19-06-09, 11:31
they dont just swap!!!!!
next question...
does anybody know how to change the lock barrels around!!!???:ILU:

20-06-09, 18:40
i do on the sliding door and i would assume its the same
if there is a roll pin in the back pull it out and the front assembly comes out, simply swap it over, take care though as the sliding pins for the lock also fall out quite easily.

20-06-09, 19:40

I have rebuilt a number of T4 barrels to fit keys. PM if you want an explanation. Or if you are really stuck send me the barrel and the key and I will do it for you. If you have a go yourself be very, very careful not to lose any bits!!

Chris T: