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What's the best polish?

20-06-09, 10:11
I've read a few posts that recommend different polishing products. My Velle is red so has a habit of going 'milky'. I've always found Mer to be the best although if the paintwork isn't squeaky clean it will leave a smeary finish under the polish.
I thought i'd spend some time with T-cut & then polish it with Mer.

Any better ideas for a top finish?

20-06-09, 10:17
So now i've submitted my post, i've found loads of threads on this subject :o

Sorry guys, but feel free to add your twopennyworth :cheers

20-06-09, 10:19
somelinks on here

20-06-09, 10:19
I agree with MER polish its great and you can mix 50/50 with T-cut, let it dry slightly by going onto the next panel and always leaving one then buff it all up. Only problem is if you get it on any black plastic it looks a dogs dinner. Most people would say use Autoglyn but I think MER is good you get a big blue container full and lasts a year or so.

There we go some interesting talk about car pollishing!

20-06-09, 10:21
ive been reading alot about using a clay bar for a real shiny finish

here it is on ebay


im lookng at getting some myself

there is thread started about it with some pics aswell if you read through
check out pics on page 2
looks like it gives great results
with a bit of elbow greaseT:


20-06-09, 10:47
polish is basically a very fine cutting compound

for best results i wash twice then use clay bar
some G3 compound (first time cutting)

then there after some autoglym super resin

the on top collinite wax

you dont want to cut/polish to often as you are removing thin layers of paint each time...

but once done a good wax glaze to shine and protect......

(clay bars just remove grime and welded on filthT:)

20-06-09, 20:13
i used to be an autoglym silicone resin fan but found it leaves white bits in imperfections....i bought the new turtle wax ice and am now converted brilliant stuff.

20-06-09, 22:46
polish or wax??

20-06-09, 23:14
I always used colour-cut on all my red cars (had 3 old red v-dubs on the trot), it always came up really well just before shows and was fantasic at hiding all the small scratches and blemishes ( its made by T-cut and available in most car shops for less than a tenner). just dont get it on the plasic, the ony way I found to get it off was with an old toothbrush and whitespirit.

Its just one idea. keep on truckin and good luck

Smokey Fontaine
21-06-09, 06:18
G3 if the paint is old, then Autogylm. I used to use Mer on my 1964 Triumph 2000 but when it went for spraying the paint wouldnt stick. The sprayer said he had to put silicon in the paint. He had seen it before with Mer.....Just what he told me.


21-06-09, 20:32
I used to go out with a well fit bird from Warsaw! I:

21-06-09, 20:45
polish or wax??

Good point ... both really.
I've always considered Mer as the finished article, but I guess I should use a wax after? Cos Mer is polish .. right?
I bought some Maguiars NXT Wax yesterday & that leaves a really good finish & goes on & off easily.
So, I think the way to go for me is T-cut or similar to restore the colour & then Maguiars wax for a shiny smooth finish. T:

21-06-09, 20:56
I used to go out with a well fit bird from Warsaw! I:

Isn't that near Birmingham?

21-06-09, 21:06
. I used to use Mer on my 1964 Triumph 2000


Yea! an ex Triumph man A: In my former life I've owned 2 heralds (one convertable), Spitfire, TR2, TR3A, TR6, TR7 (which I don't admit to readily ... It's the equivalent of a Mazda Bongo ... Whoops! did I swear?) & a Stag.
Love Triumphs :jiggy
Any MG owners on the Forum? Rasp: LOL:

29-06-09, 12:19
a nice and easy way would be butter wet wax and to finish off i use Blitz Spray Sealant

stole this bit...!

Butter wet wax, this is a superior wax that makes the light drip off your paint.A true wax with no cleaners or abrasives,it is our latest product that includes todays latest technology.Our fastest and deepest one step carnauba formula delivers an unparalled shine to the surafce of your paint.The speacial blend of ploymers,resins and natural carnauba deliver a trully outstanding shimmer.

Body shield is a micro emulsified white carnauba blend of highly refelctive liquid polymer resins and glossing agents that create a durable,protective shine over your vehicles paint.The glossing agents wet the paint to provide the liquid shimmer that is so popular amongst professionals,collectors and enthusiasts.The tough barrier blocks out harmful UV rays and airborne pollution and also prevents water spots.Contaminents will slide off the paint effortlessly and water will bead for months after applying this outstanding sealant.


hope this is of help to you....