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Introducing Amos!

20-06-09, 16:49
Hi all!

He isn't quite finished yet and I will add more photos of him soon! (ongoing this summer!) but I wanted to show you what has been done so far on him. If anyone wants to see the very early stage photos, where he was stripped out etc i'll post them too.

This is Amos I have had him since March, wanted to go for somehting a little different to the standard Rock N Roll bed theme in the back. Still awaiting some awesome upholstered seat/bed cushions but this is it so far! I just put the floor in a few days ago and I am really pleased with how well B&Q's finest vinyl floor tiles look. It was tricky, but it looks fab.

He has half of his badass stereo in and waiting on some fully upholstered door cards to match the forthcoming cushions. yes! :D

Chris from was an absolute legend and did all the really hard work on this van. I did everything I could and thoroughly enjoyed it but Chris was a life saver with his skills with wood, carpets, units, welding and ingenuity!

He really respected my ideas and worked with me to ensure I was super happy every step of the way! Also as a lowly student,. he was amazing value as well, compared to some of the rip-off conversion guys especially! Much respect to him! Legend! If you are into his work (which i hope you are, as my van is filled with it) then call him on 07886681371 or 01626 866548

On with the photos!

I guess this makes me a member of Team Yellow, hoorah!! :ILU:

20-06-09, 17:12
looks good,best bit for me is the gerry can in the back-wicked paint T:

20-06-09, 17:33

Yeah it is sick hey! check out ( - the dude can spray anything with any art! amazing!

20-06-09, 17:38
yes had a look on the site,i read it on the can T:

20-06-09, 18:35
The bench behind the front seat is exactly what i am planning to do myself - would be grateful if you could pm me the method you used to make it (and that back board - or is it a lined bulkhead?)
cheers, JIMBO1

pearly whites
20-06-09, 19:51
amos is looking awsome i will look out for you im in poole and cornwall is my second home lol

20-06-09, 20:02
thanks for the mention guys, the van looks real good!!
kind regards

20-06-09, 21:22
No worries John, thank you for the awesome work on the bed and the can, it's rad! :ILU: (saving for a respray now!)

20-06-09, 21:51
Ahhh - just checked the Rock Salmon site. It does look like a quality job - top van mateT:

21-06-09, 11:07
The bench behind the front seat is exactly what i am planning to do myself - would be grateful if you could pm me the method you used to make it (and that back board - or is it a lined bulkhead?)
cheers, JIMBO1

Alright mate, basically it is a sturdy ply bulkhead, carpeted. I have my stereo amp mounted on it between the front seats.

The bench seat is a custom ply box. It also houses my leisure battery etc

The longer side of the seat is a custom built steel seat/bed frame with seatbelts fitted.

Call Chris at Rock Salmon, as he made that all for me :)

21-06-09, 11:51
For any of you interested in having your van 'sorted', Chris and I work next door to each other. We do rock and roll beds, fold out beds as seen here on amos, airbrushed interior items such as tables, jerry cans etc etc, I sort out paintwork and welding and airbrushing, Chris sorts all interior building and carpet lining. check out our sites

john and chris

21-06-09, 11:52
sorry chris, thats

rock salmon man
22-06-09, 19:45
Hi Dude,
Thanks for the mention, it was a pleasure working on your van, and making it how you wanted it.
Look forward to any future projects you may require from me, it was cool working with you.
Cheers. Chris.... rock salmon man.

22-06-09, 21:30
Thx mate - I'll bare that in mind.:)

8 Ball
22-06-09, 22:45
Great van, that has to be the coolest jerry can in historyT:
Do post some pics of your initial progress

23-06-09, 17:12
hey there rocksalmonman, you sound like one real cool dude!!!!!! Bet you look rad, driving along in your surfbus with Sheena Eastons greatest hits blasting out of your eight track stereo!

23-06-09, 23:11

cool i'll dig out some of the dirty stages and post them, hoping to get the upholstered inside stuff sorted soon, then it'll look well bling bling :cool: