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Fully smoked rear lamps

20-06-09, 20:18
Hi, complete noob to posting here, but have been lurking for a year or two!

So to pop my posting cherry...

I've done a search on rear lamps but can't seem to find an answer i'm looking for.

I really want fully smoked or blacked out rear lamps for the Black '02 T4.

This pic of a TotallyT4 van is the kind of thing I'm looking for.


My searches on web seem to come up with 'red and smoked' mostly...which I may well go for, but I was looking for a totally dark rear to the van.

T4srus do these http://www.t4srus.co.uk/vw-t4-smoked-rear-tail-lights-91-p.asp but has any one got any of the these or photos of them on a van... I'm concerned, from the pics, that they aren't really what i'm looking for.

Any one got any alternative ideas?


20-06-09, 20:23
i think the totally blacked ones are painted with a aerosol/spray ???

oh and welcome T:

20-06-09, 21:25
I painted some lights before with an airbrush,I got some paint of chosen colour((red),and some clear laquer,just touch up pots from halfords,and then sprayed a bit at a time thickening the colour all the time the only problem was that the indicators were a bit red and the reverse light pink.......