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Air Mass Meter

20-06-09, 21:24
Hi Guys - can anyone advise on how to check if my air mass meter is shot & if so where is a good place to get a replacement?
Also does anyone know if 1999 panel vans were fitted with central locking - i have just bought a van & the key has a press putton that doesnt seem to do anything - any ideas?
Thanks Pat

20-06-09, 21:33
some 99 vans had central locking but it was an extra. if you take off a door panel you should be able to work it out.

you can tstthe mass flow by unplugging it and doing something but i cant remember what- im sure someone will remember and tell us soon.T:

20-06-09, 21:34
Not sure of ya symptoms but just unplug it. If its still hunting etc then its prob not the maf. If it runs like a good'un then ya know its pooped... Any help?!
Why dont you think its working? :confused:

20-06-09, 22:03
Silly question
If when you unplug the maf ,the van runs fine- why do we have one???

Keep your explanation simple im not a bright boy on technical matters

20-06-09, 22:23
Your no the only one mate! I thought the same thing.

As far as i know the maf works in conjunction with the oxygen sensor and the ECU. While the oxygen sensor determines the oxygen levels in the exhaust system, the mass air flow sensor is used to monitor the amount of air passing through the engine while running and this tells the ecu how much or little. Im guessing thats important!. If you unplug the maf the ecu doesnt know how much air is going into the engine and eventually could cause problems. Im sure someone else on here will know allot more about it than me but thats my understanding on the matter.

One bit of advise is go buy one from VW, i bought cheap and bought twice T:

wind welder
20-06-09, 22:27

Diesels don't have oxygen sensors (lambda probes )in the exhausts!

Cheers Trev.

21-06-09, 21:11
Ok Guys this is all great - however the next bit of the question is gonna throw up my ignorance - where in the air intake is the air mass meter located. Obviously no Haynes manual available so i am struggling to find the thing?

28-06-09, 19:02
Hi its 1st thing right next to the air filter box on the far left. Ive the same prob but im still trying to find the prob!!:* Im on the island on thursday if you fancy a chat:ILU:


30-06-09, 19:20
i had a prob with mine when i got it. had it taken for diagnostics. As a temp fix they unplugged turbo and the air mass meter. the only difference they said i would notice would be that it was thirsty... but i never noticed