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Really Excited Part 2 now Sob Sob Sob

Clairey Custard
21-06-09, 14:38

Turned up to collect and van and guy informs me rather sheepishly that there has been a problem witht the oil light this week. Said he had done 185 miles with light flashing on but now it has gone off and hasn't come on today....I admire his honesty, after all he could have sold me a duff van.

I had a friend who is a mechanic with me and he suggested that the guy get it fixed before I part with my money. But the guy was vague and said he was busy for the next two weeks. Therefore I have a pocket full of dosh (real cash!!!!) and no van!!!:(

Can anyone comment or indeed sell me a nice little T4 with rear seats...anything reallly just an OK camper with rear seats, I can do the rest up.....I live in Southampton so anything local would be excellent!

Boo hoo.

Captain Chaos
21-06-09, 14:47
You after a fully fitted out camper or a panel van and whats your budget?

team french
21-06-09, 15:01
dont know of any vans but youve done the right thing, always expect the worseT:

if in doubt, walk!!!

Clairey Custard
21-06-09, 15:28
Have not got a huge budget at all ....up 2500 if it already had seats but want one as project as want to do it up to our own spec, but need seats as we have kids. Other than that we are not fussy at all.

Thank you for the comments its nice to know that you would have done the same.

Would ideally love Van before the summer hols so I can get away with the kids!

21-06-09, 15:42
I will get looking for u. LOL I miss looking for vans now, but got very bored when I was call me strange:ILU:

21-06-09, 15:52
Pm sent:ILU:

21-06-09, 16:01
I will get looking for u. LOL I miss looking for vans now, but got very bored when I was call me strange:ILU:

strange I:LOL:

21-06-09, 16:15
LOL ty Elvis. Rasp:I think I like it now as it is alot easier since being on these forums, u get to know where to look.

Captain Chaos
21-06-09, 16:21
I have fitted a second row of seats, very cheap to do, seats of ebay around 40, bolts from VW 20 and if your flash 3 point belts will bolt straight in with fixing plates from just kampers. Hope you find a van, you should get one for that money no problem.

21-06-09, 17:05
Hope you find one, would be good to see more vans around Southampton and not of the builders/plasterers variety, not that anyone ever seems to see me (eh boscombesurfer H:).

Good Luck and if I see anything local or on ebay will send a pm T:

pearly whites
21-06-09, 17:19
i no of an m plate one in poole just passed an m.o.t just needs a new rear window but would be cheap thats all i no pm me if your intrested

think you did the right thing but if the van you were going to get is a 1.9td its more than likelly the oil pressure light switch that has gone as they are prone to going mines gone and it flashes on and of every now and again been like it for years lol hope this helps

Clairey Custard
21-06-09, 19:57
Thanks for all the advice and help. Please keep looking for me...Totally agree there are not enough vans in Southampton exept for Buildrs/Plasterers!!!!! LOL Hubby fell about laughing as he is a plasterer driving a white T4! He he he he!LOL:

Captain Chaos
22-06-09, 12:23
Still havnt spotted Vented yet Rasp: