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Removing Short Nose Grill

The Dodd
22-06-09, 12:07
Warning this is a bit long winded....

Having a tidy out in my garage yesterday, sorting through all my missus' grandad's old stuff, i found one of those square AA grill badges. Excellent I though, it will look tidy on the grill of my ex-AA van. So after realising my fingers are too stubby and sausage like to fit it to the grill with the grill still attached to the van I set about trying to remove it.

I undid the obvious screws, wouldn't budge. Checked the forum and apparently there should be a tool for removing the grill and front metal panel from the wings with my jack - I haven't got the original jack. Some say it'll prize with a screw driver - not for me and it looked like someone had done it with a screwdriver previously and fearing further paint work damage I headed to VW parts desk on the way to work this morning to try and buy said tool.

"There's no tool, a doubt you'd need a special tool to do that. Can't help you" was the answer

So my questions are...
Does anyone have one of these tools? If so has it got a part number on it? A photo? Or even better a top tip for removing the grill easily?


Captain Chaos
22-06-09, 12:20
I got one of them tools, its just a piece of plastic the shape of a small ruler with a bit sticking out so when you push it past the gap near the wing where the locating lugs are it just gives you a little handle to pull with. Odd thing is I changed my grille a week ago and forgot I had the tool, just stuffed a rag in the gap and levered with a screwdriver, if its stuck just thump it a few times to break the seal made by over the years and lever away.

pearly whites
22-06-09, 12:24
3 screws on the top and the bottom just hooks on T: give it a yank

Captain Chaos
22-06-09, 12:25
Oops as Pearly Whites says dont forget the five screws before you give it some I:

The Dodd
22-06-09, 12:56
So how does the metal bit fasten to the wings? Does it hook over the top of a "peg" on the wing or from the front? I'm sorry if these questions seem a bit daft, but when I was looking last night I couldn't gert my head around what comes from what so didn't want to prize too hard in case I broke something.

Captain Chaos
22-06-09, 22:08
If you look between the wing and the front panel you will see what looks like two washers either side, these push onto 'pegs' if you pull towards you after undoing the five screws the whole panel and grille will come away together. :ILU:

23-06-09, 06:16
Here we go T:


The Dodd
24-06-09, 08:19

I managed to get it off last night - once I knew what I was looking for and which way it came off it was pretty easy with the screw driver + cloth. I did find an absolute shed load of dead flies and twigs and seeds and all sorts piled up behind it. i was expecting a few stuck in the radiator fins but not that many.

A gentle brush with a paint brush and a quick hoover followed by a rinse with the hose pipe and I've got a spotless radiator again, until my drive to work that is.

Captain Chaos
24-06-09, 11:53
Awesome bug collection dude :ILU: