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Surrey Meet - Shepertonflock Roundabout

22-06-09, 20:36
Hi all

I just wanted to check the shepherd and flock roundabout farnham surrey meet was still going on every first wednesday of the month as I will be there with my van a week wednesday and dont want to be a loner.

Cheers People

22-06-09, 20:48
That'll be the Shepherd And Flock roundabout at Farnham - the one you hear about on the traffic reports on a regular basis...

I'll be there...

22-06-09, 20:51

Whats your ride and ill make sure I say hi

Thanks for the spelling tip

22-06-09, 20:53
Another Question

What time is the meet?

22-06-09, 21:03
from 7.30 on bud hope to see you there T:

22-06-09, 21:06
Thanks Guys

I will see you there.

Look forward to seeing what everyone else has done to there rides


22-06-09, 21:22
That'll be the Shepherd And Flock roundabout at Farnham - .........

Ah Stephen, Shepherd and Flock maybe the name of the roundabout, and indeed the pub on it Y:

but when you go inside checkout the wallpaper............... Yep its Sheperton Flock Rasp:

See you all there W: