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Baby Seats - Does the Brittax fit?

23-06-09, 08:11

Baby on the way, wandering which car seats fi a T4 front and / or back seats. Does the Brittax car seats fit? The one that goes on the Vigour 3+ push chair.

Thanks - Nick

23-06-09, 08:22
got a brittax,fits fine on single front seatT:
go to shop with van and try before you buy.
go to mothercare,try seat and then buy cheaper on the tinternetI:

23-06-09, 08:38
We were in the same position not so long ago - found that pretty much all seats fitted. Did what alltorque suggests - camped out in Mothercare trying out different models and ordered it for 30 less on line!T:

23-06-09, 16:48
Probably will... but MC don't seem to stock the one we want.

We want to guy the Brittax Vigour v3+

23-06-09, 17:43
Wierd we are looking at that model. It fits a front single seat ,and a double but hard to change gear

the cheapest place on line for vigour 3 was a site called lady


link to britax 4 (the 3 is there somewhere)

It wont fit a cannon forge rear seat as the belt is too short and the cushion too unstable

24-06-09, 12:21
Fits fine on the double and single front seat, but as said above in the middle seat its a bit hard to get second gear.
If you have rear belts worth checking as sometimes the belt isn't long enough to fit round.
Pretty sure it's Cosytot seat thats the same with different trims of for quite a few of the britax pushchairs so you might be ale to find one of those to try instead??