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Thule Euro Classic G5 908 Bike Rack - anyone recommend it?

23-06-09, 12:54
Hi everyone,

I've searched all the threads related to bike racks and just want to know if anyone has used the new Thule Euro Classic G5 908 bike rack on a T4? I can see people have used the old version but what about the new one? As I have a spoiler fitted I need to go down the detachable tow bar & bike rack route.

Requirements for the bike rack are:
Need tilt mechanism to clear tailgate so back of van can be still be accessed
Needs to have integrated lock to fix bike rack to tow bar
Needs to have a integrated light & number plate board
Don't want the handlebar on the bike closest to the van to knock against rear window!

Now the Thule website states: "The carrier can be tilted, which gives access to the boot even when bikes are mounted. With clearance for vans with large rear doors, like the VW T5."

But before abusing the credit card it would be great to know that someone else has used it successfully on a T4? I'm sure if it works on a T5 it'll be fine on a T4 but also keen to know whether handlebars of the bike closest to the tailgate will hit the rear window as the tailgate is pretty vertical compared to a car.

Alternatively any other racks that anyone can recommend that would meet our requirments?

Thanks in advanvce. :ILU:

23-06-09, 20:08
I've got a similar style of Thule (cant remember the model) which can carry 3 bikes. It has an integrated trailer board which is great and can be locked to the tow bar. When fitted to the van the handlebars of inside bike would hit the windows, although this isnt a problem for me as I only carry 2 bikes. And although you can release the clamp and lower the rack whilst still attached to the ball, its very heavy when loaded and takes 2 people to do it.

Overall, still a cracking product and very quick to mount and use.

24-06-09, 07:33
Thanks for the advice Kangar - may look at the 3 bike version then in order to ensure handlebars don't hit the rear screen. T: Can't be dealing with adjusting and rotating the handlebars each time!