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New paint

24-06-09, 08:36
As some may have noticed from other posts I've not long finished paint my van satin black. Now I'm thinking to make it stand out a little more from the crowd of going from this

to this

What do you all think, the red & white would be gloss or is it to chav????

I know my paintshop skills ain't to great but you get the general idea. On the tailgate it would be a white stripe straight down the centre with about an inch of red on each side.

All comments & ideas needed before I carry on

24-06-09, 08:40
what about just red without the white?? it may just be the photoshop that makes it jump at you

24-06-09, 08:51

If you are wanting Red then how about this.........


24-06-09, 08:54
I pity the foolH:

stealth black looks cool, but imo wont go with the glossy red and white. What about gloss black detailing like a shelby stripe?

24-06-09, 09:02
mmm... aye. the red etc was my original idea, then when I got the satin black on it I thought nah doesn't need the red on it, but the boss has been nipping my head along with one of my mates saying the extra colour will make it stand out more! LOL: Like there's loads of satin black vans around these parts!

Reckon I'll just stick with satin black & maybe some stencil & pinstripe work.

24-06-09, 09:10
glos black viper stripes...................then red pin stripe A:

24-06-09, 09:34
Yep, the more I lok at the pic the more I hate it, scratch that idea! back to the drawing board for me!

Oh & thanks for all the help at the weekend Matt much appreciated

24-06-09, 12:12
glos black viper stripes...................then red pin stripe A:

Love that idea a bit more understatedT: