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Grey primer and Clear Lacquer

24-06-09, 09:12
Just really thinking out loud...

As Primers don't have the protection of the top coat is it possible to lacquer it to give it that protection?

24-06-09, 20:04
simple reply yes
i had a car come out of the paint booth in biege primer with a black guide coat once sort of camo and thought about getting it lacquered without a top coat but bottled out.

24-06-09, 20:06
or just paint it grey in t'first place

Big T
25-06-09, 11:35
Depends what kinda lacquer you use really. If you paint grey primer with "normal" lacquer then it'll loose the matt effect and just be shiney, so like bananavan says above, just paint the thing grey!!

You can however get matt and satin effect lacquers that'll give you the finish they say on the tin!