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camper conversion firms Hampshire

25-06-09, 14:11
Hi All, can anyone offer any good advice about good quality camper conversion companies in the Hampshire Wiltshire Dorset area, or at least less 100 miles of the Andover Area. So far I have only managed to locate ones that are over 100 miles away in either Devon, Gloucestershire or Shropshire. I have heard of MAD in Bristol for a REIMO roof but nothing close by for an interior conversion for my T4, and am loath to drive too far what with the cost of fuel these days

25-06-09, 14:29

25-06-09, 14:31
weird, all my writing vanished. Anyway as per thw link above, give john a shout. He'a in salisbury and knows his stuff and does nice nodern conversions to your spec.

26-06-09, 13:32
Calypso did my interior conversion from an Ex AA, you can see pictures - the van was called Dave on his website.

I can really recommend them, know their stuff and a thoroughly nice bloke.

26-06-09, 22:20
i did my own ex aa with ikea units/ bluebird bed etc... looks good and just done 10 days in it around cornwall - it wasn't as hard as i thought. i'll eventually get round to uploading via photobucket so you can have a look... used baloo's old forum thread as a guide....

27-06-09, 07:30
One of the best: it's on the edge of your requirements but they really know their stuff. Don't shoot yourself in the foot for a an extra hour or so travelling time.

17-11-13, 07:47
I had my interior done recent by

I'm very happy with it and it was way less than others had quoted. Mike (the owner) will do whatever you want.

Excellent finish. If you want to see what it looks like go to his FB page and look at his photos - mine is 'The Hulk'.


17-11-13, 08:36
Vanworx on Portland Dorset.did a proper top job on my van

17-11-13, 08:38
Blimey just noticed this thread was started in 2009. I imagine the original thead starter is sorted by nowH:

u can in a van
17-11-13, 10:53
Blimey just noticed this thread was started in 2009. I imagine the original thead starter is sorted by nowH:

LMAO! I did not notice that; how on earth did such an old thread get found and reposted?!