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petrol into a diesel

25-06-09, 20:33
:(:( hi my mates just rang from a filling station and said that he has put 4 gallon of petrol into his 1997 1.9td ,i told him he has to drain the tank to be safe,although maybe he could fill up with diesel and dillute petrol? help anyone cheersT:

25-06-09, 20:42
When this happened to my sister in law, the RAC man told her not to do anything as getting petrol into the system would be a big problem. She got it pushed to a corner, RAC man turned up, drained the tank then filled it back up with derv. That sorted it. I'm sure there's someone far more genned up than me that can give you a in depth explanantion of the probs it could cause.

25-06-09, 20:49
If it was just a litre I would just top up with diesel. That amount imho you would have to drain the tank. DONT drive it!:(

25-06-09, 20:51
best to be safe than sorry , get it drained and all will be good.
there are several trains of thought out there but the safest is drain it.!!!!T:T:T:T:T:T:

25-06-09, 20:53
cheers guysT:

25-06-09, 20:59
I take it this is the same guy...

Two conflicting pieces of advice....classic forum-ism!

wind welder
25-06-09, 21:14

4 gallons = approx 20 ltrs

tank size = approx 50-60 ltrs

So even if you fill it to the top with DERV you are at the best going to run on 1/3 petrol,at worst close to 1/2 petrol.

Throwing a tankful away is much cheaper than getting a Diesel pump/injectors refurbed/replaced.

Cheers Trev.

25-06-09, 23:33
Last time we accidentally put 10 litres of unleaded in, we threw another 20 litres of derv on top, then topped the tank right up with biodiesel when we got home.
Bus ran fine and couldn't tell the difference
I thought it was worse putting diesel in a petrol

just dan
25-06-09, 23:38
even if you top it up and it all works i've found that it costs more in fuel in the end as it runs through the fuel really quickly and cost me 40 in extra fuel over about three tankfull till the petrol was all gone. draining is safer and in the long run cheaper even if it does work topped up.

Big T
26-06-09, 17:13
Aye get the tank drained, I.....erm.......possibly.....maybe once.......kinda put quarter of a tank of unleaded in my fabia vrs, I brimmed it was diesel and all was well.....for about 3 miles till it died a death!! lol

115 later I had a flushed but empty tank (fortunatly I have a fuel card through work so didn't loose any money through fuel!!).

Happy Days
26-06-09, 21:35
Hi all.

if it was a less amount then id just top up with derv...petrol is great for cleaning the system,As said above its far worse putting derv into a petrol engine..

like said as well..dont drive it or you will be looking at changing filters etc etc to stop the plume of blue smoke coming out the rear end on gear change.

Hope you get sorted and back on the road soon:)

bmx boy
26-06-09, 21:53
My Misses did this to my van when it was empty! She put 20 in, nearly got home and it started to spit a bit an lose power! Then it dawned on her what she had done. So I filled it with cans till it was full with diesel and it never missed a beat after that in fact it felt a bit better! May be I was lucky?