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25-06-09, 20:40
Bit slow in posting this but just to say a big cheers to Arthur and all at MAD workshops in Bristol for a great job in fitting my Reimo poptop to our 01 T4 Velle back in April - neat professional job - looks the mutts nuts and has really tranformed the van into a proper camper - good paint job on the roof too - nice one guys!! :):D:D
Recommend them to anyone thinking of having one
Would post a pic but I,m a bit of a PC muppet and have tried before without success

25-06-09, 21:08
How much did it set you back?

27-06-09, 16:40
approx 2800 - this includes colour coding the roof to match the van - was a bit unlucky as the price of roofs has gone up due to the euro/ this year but great job

27-06-09, 20:25
is that with or without bed?

28-06-09, 20:34
thats without the roof bed - yes they are not cheap but you get a real good quality roof