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colour coding bumpers

26-06-09, 17:40
hi the rear bumper on my van is flaking paint can any one tell me where i can get a primed bumper from???

26-06-09, 18:45
euro carparts sell them
primed are 144
normal bumper is about 100
free delivery

Happy Days
26-06-09, 21:39
maybe an option....Get a good second hand using a plastic primer..then spray to the colour of your choice....cheaper then buying new:)

27-06-09, 07:14
We used a local guy who strips wood, and he told us he did a lot of bumpers, and advised that it is the silicon that we all use to protect that is the problem, as this stays in the plastic and so does not give a good key for the paint unless you use some really agresive chemical stripper.

He has done a few of mine and 2 years on and no signs of cracking or peeling.

It takes him about 2 hours to strip and presure wash to get all the silicon out.

You can see it oozing out as he applies the chemical and prsujure washing. Once the watre runs clear it is jusr a matter of letting it dry and start rubbing down ready for plastic primer and colour.

27-06-09, 08:29
the key to spraying bumpers as all paintwork is in the prep

it is as stated above the back to black silicon products that cause peeling and flaking paint

if you use a brand new bumper it will be fine.

if you do use a second hand bumper will need washing and washing and washing

then some more washing

then need panel wipe/ degreaser same process again and again and again.

then sand bumpers for a key

then use an adhesion promoter

then plastic primer

then primer filler sand with 800 wet dry until smooth

then you are ready for paint.

if you are only doing one bumper it is def worth considering buying a primed bumper.
cant get primed front bumpers for the short nose
they only come primed for the long nose

27-06-09, 09:26
Ah, useful thread... considering having my bumpers coded black to go with the black van... I've used Armor All on my bumpers for a few years now to keep them as black as I can to match the van.

rjm, how much did the guy who did yours charge you to clean and paint ?

27-06-09, 13:08
Two different people, the one did the stripping and another who trades as Plastic Surgey did the rubbing down, priming and colour match.

Will ask them next week how much.

Are you going to BVF next week by any chance at Malvern?

27-06-09, 14:01
I think you can use a good truck wash detergent to get the silicone out as well,thats what iv used before as my bro's a hgv fitter,never had any problems with reactions but never done large areas